Paradise Bike Tours provides guests with a fun and adventurous experience in the city of Key West. While doing this, our company seeks to positively contribute to our community, by being strong advocates for bicycle safety.

We want to share the fun, freedom and love of bike riding in Key West with everyone! Our tours are perfect for every type of rider, from the inexperienced to the professional bike rider. When you book with Paradise Bike Tours, everything is included:


  • BIKE fitted to your size for an optimal and comfortable riding experience


  • HELMET for your safety.


  • AUDIO RECEIVER  Paradise Bike Tours is the only tour that provides receivers to our guests.  With our receivers, you are always connected to your tour guide, and can receive directions as in when to go, stop, cross, etc. Our receivers are only in one ear, leaving you aware of your surroundings.  This communication makes your tour so much safer, and you can experience so much more! 


Join us here at Paradise Bicycle Tours for a leisurely, up-close Key West  sightseeing experience. Glide safely through charming Old Town neighborhoods filled with architectural gems and view the many attractions this city has to offer. Discover the history, and culture of Key West from a truly moving perspective. Learn something new about Key West and  experience the city from a rider’s point of view. Even locals will discover hidden jewels off the beaten path!

Haven’t biked in years? We’ve got everything you need. So let’s go exploring. This will be so much fun!